Take a Hot Second

“Take a hot second or else you turn into hot garbage”

Both of these videos are good examples of the nozzleman setting up shop, getting water downrange and in the off angles, letting the water work for a second, then starting their advance. That does at least a couple things:
1: it cools the area you are in more completely before you move through it and it cools the area you are moving into (which is even hotter) before you get right up on it.
2: it allows your 2nd person on the line to catch up with the line management to allow you to make the push uninterrupted. When the line binds down on the inside corner when you are halfway down the hallway, it can really throw the nozzle off and usually, the person on the pipe just tries to power through which only makes it worse.

Especially good job here by Derek Roberts in the 1st video of backend line management. Driving the line high and outside, staying outside of the pinch point and communicating to the nozzleman to advance. He moved the right amount of line to the corner, didn’t impede the advance, and followed the nozzleman down the hall at the right time.

Jay Bonnifield

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