West Coast Fire Training is dedicated to providing high quality professional live-fire training. While anyone can build a campfire in a corner, designing and providing high quality, realistic live-fire training that is also safe is quite challenging. The truth is that most live fire training is not actually training on fire, it is the performance of a skill set with fire somewhere in the area. This results in the fire simply being part of the prop. The realism of the fire behavior and the student’s appropriate reaction to it are put to the side in favor of completing an evolution.

At WCFT the fire is not a prop it’s the point. We believe the only way students can truly be expected to perform well at a real fire is to have them witness realistic conditions and respond to them appropriately.  Our training focusses on normalizing the live-fire environment by allowing students to observe all stages of fire growth and attack.

We have developed strong policies and procedures, on top of NFPA 1403, that allow us to conduct realistic fire training safely and effectively.


Providing high quality, positive training so that firefighters can operate more effectively, efficiently and safely.



Without humility, there is no learning. Mistakes are shared and learned from.


Students who enjoy the learning process learn more quickly and retain more completely.

Hard Work

Mastery of any subject or profession requires hard work and focused effort.


WCFT is committed to making our training as safe as we can with proper procedures, standards, and training.