Upstairs Seal

1/2 story fires-

In this video, the fire is in a bedroom on the half story. I like how you can see evidence that the knee walls bank heat down a lot more than in a full-height ceiling, especially above the stairs. Upper floor or half story fires are funny, they look pretty impressive from the exterior, but almost always let you advance dry until most of the way up the stairs. It’s definitely worth drilling on a dry stretch plan on upper floor fires in my opinion.

The nozzleman here did a great job of advancing slowly on the push and applying water to the surfaces in the stairwell liberally before moving into the room (could have used more nozzle movement within the door though). His nozzle didn’t seal the top of the door at first and you can see the tic showing heat rebounding out the top until his stream is directed higher and sealed the top off. Once that happened, you can see when the TIC is pulled away at the end just how clear a slow and deliberate push can make things, especially in half stories that clear out quickly.

Jay Bonnifield

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